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About Mera Faisla

Unhappy about how things are moving around us? From petty issues to Socially active & grand issues like corruption, politics all catch our attention & bring about a turmoil in our thoughts. But how long can we sit back and complain? If we really want to see change, we need to initiate it! **Merafaisla** finds its ground in this very aspect of bringing about a change by becoming a platform for people from all over the country to meet, discuss, share their opinions and start a revolution. To leap up the objective we accumulate the potential of every individual opinion by equipping the site with number of features that allow users to vote, share information and stories with each other in the arena of social importance and most importantly, vote for the issue one feels strongly about. By doing this, **Merafaisla** doesn’t restrict itself to being just a forum but also a medium that allows like minded individuals and NGOs to interact with each other and inspires them to take the first step towards the change they really want to see.

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